June 26, 2020News

Aluminium Facade Blinds – Are They Worth Considering?

Is this all about façade blinds that used to be installed on office buildings? This question is asked by many investors exploring what the market can offer. Yes, they are the same type of blind but adapted to demands of modern architecture, where form and minimalism play the leading role. They also add visual lightness to the entire structure. Find out more.

Aluminium facade blinds – opinions

In the sector of blinds, facade blinds began to compete strongly with the eagerly chosen roller blinds, quickly gaining popularity on the Polish market. Their light and simple design, as well as the use of weather-resistant aluminium for their construction, made the products attractive not only for its pure visual reasons, but also their properties. High-class varnish coatings applied to the slats significantly affects the durability. The quality of facade blinds is confirmed by satisfied users, who often retrofit the products with solar-wind automation systems or light intensity sensors, making everyday use even more ergonomic and comfortable.

Types of facade blinds

The blinds come in two widths: C80 slats, C-shaped, is 80 mm wide, and L90, Z-shaped, is 90 mm wide. Their selection depends on the preferences of investors, as they have the same parameters.

Blind with C-shaped slats
Blind with Z-shaped slats

Facade blinds – are they worth buying?

When evaluating facade blinds, it is worth paying attention to two aspects. The first is the utility advantages of this solution. The blinds effectively protect against noise and allow the investor to regulate the amount of light entering the interior by freely changing the angle of the slats. This makes them perfect for large-size glazing, especially in highly sunny places. The second, equally important advantage is visual attractiveness. The blinds add an interesting look and modern lightness to the facade.

The KRISPOL brand enables the investor to mix various solutions within one construction project – so the blinds can be used for large glazing, and the remaining windows can be equipped with roller blinds or, which is also common, blinds on the ground floor, roller blinds on the first floor or only in the bedroom area. Of course, our blinds can be fully automated and operated via Connector mobile application or traditional remote control. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty period for this product.

Inspirations with blinds in the lead role

The advantage of facade blinds is the ability to control the amount of light entering the interior. This solution is especially appreciated in the case of large-size glazing, e.g. in the day zone.

Blinds are a tasteful element of the window finish. If used, investors often give up using the inner curtains.