Aluminium Side and garage doors

Aluminium side doors are most frequently used as a comfortable, additional entrance to a garage equipped with a segment or roll-up door. Double-winged garage doors usually fulfil the function of a gate themselves, being particularly effective in locations characterised by unique construction conditions. Both types of doors must guarantee efficient protection of the garage, durability, a suitable insulation mechanism, an elegant look as well as comfortable handling.

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    The DB75 system encompasses a panel-based door, the thickness of which was increased to 60 mm. Thanks to the fusion of warm panels with 75 mm-deep profiles, the door fits in perfectly with energy-efficient and passive housing. The panels are available without embossing as well as with narrow embossing from the inner side, painted or veneered.

    The structure of the garage door reminds of double-wing side-opened gates, a solution used in garages for many years. Presently, however, their handling can be automated and effected remotely via a remote control unit.


    The system is available for side doors (DZU 60S series) as well as double-leaf garage doors (DZU 60D series). The panels are equipped with insulated 40 mm garage door segments. The door is available with various embossing options on the outside. The door frame is painted in a color or provided with a veneer pattern that is closest or the same as the color of the panel.


    Side door system based on 51 mm-wide profiles. The wing is filled by aluminium profiles of the roller door or 40 mm-thick segments. In order to achieve a uniform door frame and wing look as well as a perfect fit with the garage door coat, the profile is painted on both sides in one of the 200 RAL colours.

Single-wing side door

The side door fulfils the role of a comfortable additional entrance to the garage. It is particularly useful due to the additional functions that it provides, e. g. the storage of tools or garden supplies.

The side door wing is filled by garage panels insulated with PU foam. These panels can be up to 60 mm thick. This is a solution known from the warmest door offered by KRISPOL, the sole garage door on the market that is made of 60 mm thick panels across its entire height. Doors and garage gates that are so warm even work well in passive housing.

The side door may from the outside be coated with a veneer chosen from one of dozens of designs, painted in one of over 200 colours or provided with a structural coat (with the inner panel colour remaining white). In most cases, the door frame is veneered or painted in a colour identical with the filling.

Double-wing garage door

High thermal and acoustic insulation capacity of the door is ensured by a structure based on a warm profile system that is thermally insulated, as well as a filling in the form of 40 mm-thick panels insulated with PU foam.

The structure of the garage door reminds of double-wing side-opened gates, a solution used in garages for many years. Presently, however, their handling can be automated and effected remotely via a remote control unit. Access control may be based on newest technical solutions such as fingerprint readers and keypads.

The broad range of dimension options permits the adaptation to suit even the most unique projects. The newest profile systems permit the production of garage doors with a width of even up to 2800 mm.

Filling of garage doors is provided by top quality garage panels. The offer spans over all embossing patterns available in the ranges of sectional garage doors offered by KRISPOL. The colours span over 200 options from the RAL range as well as a proprietary range of veneers included among other modern wood pattens and metallic anthracites.

Aluminium threshold

  • discrete and elegant
  • resistant to outside conditions

Additional single-point lock

  • additional locking point for the door wing
  • increased side door resistance to break-ins

Multi-point lock

  • provides a higher level of security
  • locks the door at several points at different heights by steel bolts and hooks

Knob-handle with electric lock bolt

  • It is possible to equip the door lock with an electric lock bolt with a day/ night function permitting easy opening of the door if needed, and their efficient locking e. g. for the night

Silver profiles

  • for all door models
  • anodised silver colour
  • handles with escutcheons with invisible screws also from the inside

Door locking mechanism

  • comfortable mechanism locking the door all the way for user comfort

Anti-burglary lock

  • attached code card, without which the key cannot be copied

Interlocking door bolts

  • amendment to the sturdy door structure
  • prevents the door wing from being forced from the profile.


The sectional doors are available in over 200 RAL colours and dozens of veneers. This permits perfect adaptation of the garage door to the facade and other profile components.



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