Cookies policy

At website, we are using cookies. The website is administered by KRISPOL sp. z o.o. Personal data controllers (co-controllers) are KRISPOL sp. z o.o. and KRISHOME sp. z o.o. respectively (contact details as specified in the Privacy Policy). The safety of website users and the protection of privacy are our priority.

  1. What are cookies and what are they used for?

Cookie files (cookies) are widely used small text files stored on the device (e.g. phone, computer or tablet) of persons browsing a website.

They serve both website administrators and users and are used for the purpose of:

  • properly displaying the website, including ensuring its full functionality (playing of videos, contact forms that can be filled in, etc.);
  • integrating the website with social media or YouTube platforms;
  • ensuring the security of websites;
  • website optimization (e.g. thanks to statistics), website performance and efficiency improvement;
  • personalisation of the website for the user, e.g. by displaying user-related content or remembering preferences (e.g. regarding the website language).
  1. Consent to use cookies

The use of cookies (except for cookies necessary for the website to function) requires your consent. The consent is voluntary. If you refuse your consent, you may be unable to use some of the website’s functionalities (e.g. play a video). Your consent may be revoked at any time by clicking on the link “Change your consent” (see point 7 below). By allowing all cookies, you gain the opportunity to use all the functionalities of the website and support us in improving our service. Under this Policy, information about the scope of the consent currently granted is automatically displayed.

  1. Types cookies and how long they are stored

The website uses the following types of cookies:

  1. necessary to use the website – they contribute to the website’s usability by enabling basic functions such as navigation on the website and access to secure areas of the website; our website cannot work properly without these files;
  2. preference-related – they allow the website to store information that changes the appearance or functioning of the website, e.g. preferred language or the region in which the user is located;
  3. statistics-related – they help us understand how different users behave on the website by collecting and reporting anonymous information (data about website traffic, number of visits, etc.).
  4. marketing-related – their purpose is to display ads that are relevant and interesting to individual users and therefore more valuable for publishers and advertisers. They can prevent the same advertisement from being displayed repeatedly or allow to track user activity on the website. Administrators use this information only for the purposes of conducting their own marketing activities. Suppliers of certain cookies may, to a certain extent, use data for their own purposes (e.g. Facebook) in accordance with their own privacy and cookie policies, which can be accessed according to the instructions indicated in point 7.

Cookies are divided into session cookies, stored temporarily when the web browser is being used and automatically deleted once the web browser is closed, and persistent cookies stored for the time specified by the cookie owner. The storage periods of individual cookies are indicated in the table below this policy.

  1. Cookies and personal data

As a rule, cookies do not collect personal data, i.e. information about an identified or identifiable natural person, and most of them provide data not related to a specific user, e.g. in the form of data on the number of users visiting the website. Some of the information collected using cookies (e.g. marketing data) or by interaction with platforms such as Facebook, Google or YouTube may constitute personal data due to the possibility of associating them to a specific user (e.g. through the ID of the device on which the cookie is installed). The principles set out in the above Privacy Policy apply to the processing of personal data, these data are properly protected and used only for the purposes and in the manner indicated therein.

  1. Providing access to cookie data

The data collected through cookies may be shared by us with professional entities conducting on our behalf marketing campaigns on the Internet or providing services related to our running of the website only for purposes related to our marketing activities, services offered as well as running and developing the website, or with our business partners who run sales outlets for our products, if it is necessary for joint marketing activities or for handling your inquiry.

Some cookie providers (e.g. YouTube, Google, Facebook) may, within the scope defined by their privacy and cookie policies, use cookies for their own purposes. The list of cookie providers and their privacy and cookie policies can be read as described in point 7. The website uses only proven and reliable cookie providers.

  1. Contact

The contact details of the controller are indicated above in the Privacy Policy (point 2).

In matters related to cookies or the protection of personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer: Anna Sosnowska-Sufryd, e-mail: .

  1. Scope of consent and cookie management panel

Underneath this Policy, information about the scope of the consent currently granted and a table with the list of cookies used and their respective storage periods are automatically displayed.

By clicking on the link “Change your consent” below, you gain access to the cookie management panel, which allows you to:

  1. revoke the consent granted to the use of cookies (except for the necessary ones);
  2. change the scope of the consent granted and select the categories of cookies the use of which you consent to;
  3. see the cookies used, their providers and links to the privacy policies applied by them (“details” tab).