Garage doors

KRISPOL doors are functional, solid, safe and their
appearance matches the façade of the building.

The door is one of the most important elements when finishing the building. It should be functional, solid, safe and its appearance should match the façade of the building. KRISPOL doors meet all these conditions.

The company’s offer includes: sectional doors, rolling doors and side entrance doors.

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Sectional doors


The functioning of the door allows to obtain maximum space for parking the car in the garage and on the drive. Almost unlimited possibilities of finishing allow to create innovative and original solutions.

Sectional doors fit different types of garages and entrance width also for double garages. High standards of manufacturing guarantee comfort of use and safety, as well as perfect thermal insulation.



The warmest KRISPOL garage door – created with consideration of the growing energy efficiency of our houses. An exceptionally high insulation level is guaranteed by insulated panels of the thickness increased to 60 mm along the whole height, reinforced system of sealing and the construction which has been developed in the finest details.




Narrow embossment is an universal, popular design, matching houses of various styles. One of the advantages of such an embossment is its good price value.




Wide embossment is a design that will match well both classic and modern looking houses. An interesting alternative to narrow embossments.




An elegant and simple form – matches well various architectural solutions. The style of this door can be enhanced by additional original decorative detail.




V-profiling ensures an exceptional, modern appearance of doors. An innovative form which ideally matches state-of-the-art architectural trends.




A model recommended to persons who value charm and warmth of traditional or rustic-style houses.


Façade gates

Wherever the investor’s concern is adding the individual character of the building, facade doors may prove useful since they can be matched with the facade design. The well-thought-out and safe structure of the door allows you to enjoy not only the unique design, but also functionality in everyday use.






There are three options at the investor’s disposal: with a steel or aluminum (filled with polyurethane foam) panel or an IP section (with any filling available). The door sheathing can be covered with any material (wood, metal, ceramics, plastic) selected and installed by the investor. The door structure is individually designed based on the weight of the selected material.

Warm door – 40 or 60 mm panel


KRISPOL sectional doors are built of 40mm thick panels filled in with polyurethane foam and they are sealed along the whole perimeter and between the sections. The shape of the upper arc was designed to optimally press the upper panel of the door to the lintel. Because of that solution the doors have one of the best thermal insulation properties in the market: U= 1,12 [W/m2K] .

We have a special offer for energy-efficient houses: VENTE K2 RFS 60 door with the thickness increased to 60 mm. This exceptionally warm door has also double sealing of the bottom panel, sealing between the sections and additional sealing along the perimeter which reduces thermal bridges between the wall and the angles. It allows to reach the coefficient  U=0,9 [W/m2K].



The revolutionary K2RS garage door warm installation system is already available at our points of sales.

For the investor, it means a significant improvement to the heat transmission factor. This innovative solution submitted to the patent office by KRISPOL is based on providing distance between the vertical angle bracket and the lintel strip with the shaft supports from the wall. The spacer is prepared for mounting to the vertical angle bracket; it has a socket for an additional gasket. Two gaskets better seal the connection. The EPS hard foam used for assembly allows the insulation to be improved by around 30%, which in practice gives up to 20% better thermal insulation for the entire garage door.

Excellent garage door thermal insulation parameters


The garage door with a 40 mm panel, which normally obtains U=1.09 [W / m2K], reaches parameters similar to doors with a 60 mm panel with a warm installation system, it is U = 0.89 [W/m2K]. On the other hand, the door with a 60 mm panel using a warm installation system is currently the warmest solution designed for built-in garages and allows to achieve U = 0.77 [W/m2K] (calculations apply for a 5000×2250 mm door).


Solid construction


No matter how good the door looks from the outside, it cannot be forgotten that the door should have a solid construction in the first place. Therefore, it is worth checking what the door looks like from the inside.

The mechanisms of our doors include solutions which reinforce the construction of the doors, facilitate assembly and fit the garage space, they are also reliable and provide an aesthetic look from inside.

1. Anti-corrosion galvanized surface


All steel elements of the doors are protected against corrosion.

2. Middle hinges


Middle hinges are installed in every door, additionally increasing the firmness of construction.

3. Painted hardware


We paint the lateral hardware of the door with the colour matching the colour of the panels. We are one of few companies in the market to do so.

Safe everyday use


We constantly improve our products by implementing solutions which improve safety of use and protect the functions of mechanisms. Additional protection is installed in every door to protect it from falling down if a spring bursts.

An overload switch is a standard feature of the drives, it lifts the door of approximately 10cm if an obstacle is found. An automatic door can also be equipped with photocells preventing the door from closing if there is an obstacle in the door clearance. Driving rollers installed in all doors can be additionally equipped with finger protection. The sections of the doors were also designed to have a safe shape.




Safe panels

Comfortable use


A comfortable door can be easily operated, is reliable and quiet. The comfort of use is provided by enhanced automatics. The mechanisms used in our products come from renowned producers. They guarantee an easy and unproblematic use but also give the possibility to connect the door to any ‘intelligent home’ system and to alarm installations.

We use bearing rollers in our doors. We also minimized the number of connections in the railing guides. The rollers used with the PVC insert eliminate vibration and allow for quiet door operation. No matter what the size of the door is, each door manufactured by our company can be easily opened with one hand without excessive force. It is because of two torsion springs which provide an optimal balance of the door.


Bearing rollers with protection



Rolling doors


Rolling door is a constructional solution allowing for the installation of the door in the garage where we want to obtain a maximum free space directly under the ceiling, where there are untypical garages and utility rooms.

The door is opened up vertically, and the shell is hidden in the box located outside (RGZ) or inside (RGW) the garage above the entrance.






Garage doors


Side garage doors, matching the main door in colour and embossment type, provide an access to the garage without the necessity of opening the door.

The door leaves are filled with the highest quality garage panels. Therefore, the offer includes all embossing patterns available in the KRISPOL sectional door collections. The colors include over 200 RAL colors, as well as an original veneer collection, including modern wood-like designs and metallic anthracite.



One-leaf door


Two-leaf door

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