Rolling grilles

Rolling grilles perform different functions at the same time. They are produced in many versions, depending on their protection class against burglary, air transmission,drive types and available designs and colours.

Similarly to rolling doors, the main advantage of the grilles is their construction allowing the use of the building’s floor space on both sides of the facility and under the ceiling.

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Steel and aluminium grilles

We offer aluminium and steel grilles. Steel grilles are heavy and durable mechanisms. They are perfect to protect the entrance to the car parks, warehouses etc. aluminium grilles are light constructions, aimed mostly for sales outlets in the shopping centres, jewellers’ and restaurants

The design and construction of the rolling grilles depends on the places where they are installed and their functions. The grilles with brick or sinusoidal profiles are good for rooms that have to be both safe and open. Aluminium grilles with rectangular openings are perfect for modern interiors where there is a need of high ventilation. Grilles made of steel and aluminium perforated profiles provide the optical aperture and air permeability at the level of 28%. Grilles made of steel and aluminium perforated profiles can be painted with one of the 200 RAL colours.


    The shells of R2 SSG and R2 SSP grilles are made of steel pipes, of sinusoidal profiling and clamp-hinge joined.

    Grilles are available with two types of drives: with a spring system (R2 SSG) and with electric side drive (R2 SSP).


    The shells of R2 SC rolling grilles are made of simple pipes combined in a rectangular system.

    The grilles differ in the drives: the R2 SCG model is equipped with a spring system, whereas the R2 SCP model with a side drive.


    It is made of single-wall perforated profiles ensuring air permeability at the level of 28%.

    Depending on the size and needs of users, they can have drives based on the spring system (R2 SPG) or a side drive (R2 SPP).


    The shells are constructed of perforated profiles ensuring air permeability at the level of 28%.

    The grilles are available in the version with the spring system (R2 APG) or an electric side drive (R2 APP).


    R2 AM rolling grilles with openings of rectangular shape are a perfect finishing of facilities of modern appearance.

    The grilles are available in the version with the spring system (R2 AMG) or an electric side drive (R2 AMP).


    R2 AMZ grilles are made of aluminium profiles with rectangular openings, providing safety and visibility.

    The drive system of R2 AMZ grilles is the pipe drive with a rolling shaft hidden in an aluminium box.

Safety and reliability

Rolling grilles are equipped with protection against falling of a shell if a spring bursts or the protection is integrated in the drive in the form of emergency brake. All solutions can be extended by additional protection – signal lamps, useful in large industrial facilities or photocells, the grilles will be automatically lifted if there is an obstacle in the clearance. Sensing edges work similarly as they stop and lift the grilles after encountering an obstacle

The grilles are optionally manufactured in two safety classes against the burglary: RC (EN 1624:2012 P). A latch lock installed in the bottom panel of the shell serves as protection against burglary, as it is impossible to open the bolted grilles from outside. The access inside the facilities, which require special security, is additionally protected with the access card or coded keypad. The release of a signal to steer the device can be enciphered by as many as 9-digit code. In case of rolling grilles, attention must be paid while lifting the grilles. Protection against coiling on the roll detects the elements which are on the shell while opening and thus stops the grilles.

  • Protection against spring burst

  • Latch lock



Automatic grilles is not only about comfort. Functional, modern drives also guarantee safety use and protect the mechanisms of the door. Depending on the intended use, parameters, weight and facility conditions, rolling grilles can be driven with one of the three types of electrical drives.


Side, three-phase, fixed drive is used due to its parameters and sizes for intensively used products of large surfaces.


Lateral tubular single-phase drive – due to its design – does not require large installation areas.


Single phase central drive is used in smaller products.

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