Guaranteed comfort and safety
with KRISPOL shutters.

The offer includes many proposals for every type of building, both an older and newly erected one. In the second case, the in-built shutters are especially recommended– KALIMA RZ, they best reduce heat loss. We also offer window shutters  (KALIMA RN) and elevation shutters (KALIMA RS). The differences are explained below.

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Insulation properties are important all year long in our climate. They allow to significantly reduce the heating costs in winter and keep a comfortable temperature during summer heat. If it is needed, the shutters provide darkness e.g. in a child’s bedroom.


Shutters also provide safety and intimacy and protect the inhabitants against excessive noise and external lighting at night. Mosquito nests built in the shutters additionally protect against insects when we leave the windows open at night.


Good window hardware and special glazing, reinforced by shutters which can be connected to the alarm system or additionally equipped with special protection is an effective and practical mean of prevention against potential burglars. Moreover, thanks to the integration of alarm systems with steering, the shutters can be programmed to imitate the presence of people in the house.

Kalima RZ

Shutters for casing systems


If thermal and acoustic insulation is the most important advantage, particularly when we want to construct a passive house, the best effects can be achieved by installing the shutters in casing systems KALIMA RZ. This system can be planned only during the process of designing the investment. Only at this stage it is possible to design a special shape of the lintel where the casing for the shutter is installed.

The shutters included in the architectural design of the building make it look better and significantly improve its insulation properties. The box is installed in the lintel and the railing guides in the window aperture. It allows to build in the shutter and provides perfect insulation by eliminating heat losses through thermal bridges. KALIMA RZ shutters can also be used in sliding windows– both HST and PSK.

Kalima RHZ (Hybrid) – NEW

Shutters for casing systems with PVC inspection


Thoughtful compact design as a combination of 2 different materials: aluminum (box, guides and shell) and PVC (inspection cover). This hybrid built-in roller blind has a rigid and functional bottom profile with the inspection cover “clicked” into place and does not require additional screws or rivets matching in color or veneer to the rest of the woodwork.

The PVC inspection cover gives exceptional stiffness even at very large widths and dimensions of these roller blinds. No additional internal fixings required. No bending during assembly and daily work.

Kalima RN / RT

Window shutters


In the pre-lock-up stage of the house, when no special lintel was designed, it is possible to install KALIMA RN window shutters (and KALIMA RT, the possibility of building in the shutters in houses with thicker walls). And aesthetic and discreet final look is also an advantage of this type of shutters.

The roller shutter is mounted along with the window. The box is placed in the recess below the lintel. Additionally it may be built-up on one or both sides or remain unbuilt. Such a system of installation makes it possible to use roller shutters both in newly constructed buildings and when replacing windows. Krispol technical solutions make it possible to use window shutters also in sliding windows – both HST and PSK.

Kalima RR / RS

Elevation shutters


Even when the house is thoroughly completed the elevation shutters KALIMA RS or RR can be installed. Their shell is rolled into a box placed on the wall above the window aperture. It is the most universal system. Elevation shutters can be installed in different facilities, irrespective on the construction method and technique.

The box casing is available in two options: rounded (RR) or cut at an angle of 45 degrees (RS). The box where the shell is rolled into is installed above the window, on the elevation or in the window aperture. Shutter casing can be perfectly matched to the elevation and other architectural elements and may have a decorative function.


Shutter section


It is worth to know the shutter construction to understand better its functioning and to know which elements to focus on while choosing the type of a shutter and its colour.


1. Box
Depending on the type of shutter and the development system, the box can be hidden under the plasterwork or it can be visible. Then it is possible to paint it in any colour or have a veneer chosen from a variety of available designs.

2. Winding shaft and drive
This is the shaft the shell is rolled onto with installed manual or electrical drive.

3. Shell
It is made of aluminium profiles filled in with polyurethane foam. It is available in three profile heights, in more than 20 attractive designs and colours.

4. Bottom board
It is finished with a sealing and can be equipped with additional protection. It is a stabilizing element for the shell.

5. Railing guides
Depending on the system, they can be aluminium or PVC, equipped with brush sealing guaranteeing a smooth and quite move of the shutter.

Modern automatics for the shutters

There is no doubt that automatic shutters have become a standard solution. They provide comfort, help to save energy and improve the efficiency of anti-burglary protection. It is worth to fully use the extensive automatic possibilities and match them to particular needs.


Type of motors for shutters

Motors for external shutters are placed inside the steel winding shaft where the shell is rolled into while lifting the shutter. The drives have different power which depends on the size and weight of the shutter, steering method, but also on the positioning method, so called final positioning of the shutter (places where the shutter stops when it is fully lifted or lowered). While choosing the motors for the shutters it is worth checking if they are equipped with detection function. This function immediately stops the roller shutter upon detecting an increased resistance. It protects the motor from overloading and protects the shutter against damaging e.g. when the shell is frozen.



Radio controlled motors must be equipped with receivers, it means the devices receiving the signal from the receiver. If we choose a remote steering, a seller will recommend a motor with a built-in receiver. In case of changing the steering to the method from a wire to a radio, it will be necessary to buy separate receivers. They are most often installed inside shutter casing.



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