Aluminium entrance doors

A proven solution for investors looking for energy-saving products at affordable prices.

The door system with an aluminium structure and a core panel is the good compromise between quality, design and an affordable price.

Learn more about our new product and its highest performance and safety parameters alongside aesthetics.

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SOLANO 86 door collection

The SOLANO 86 door collection is based on the filling patterns most popular among customers and most frequently chosen by them. Its modern design and elegant look must appeal to every investor and allows to match it with any architectural style.

Discover 22 door patterns from our latest collection:

SOLANO S101 86

SOLANO S102 86

SOLANO S103 86

SOLANO S105 86

SOLANO S106 86

SOLANO S107 86

SOLANO S108 86

SOLANO S109 86

SOLANO S201 86

SOLANO S202 86

SOLANO S203 86

SOLANO S204 86

SOLANO S205 86

SOLANO S206 86

SOLANO S403 86

SOLANO S404 86

System benefits


The SOLANO 86 aluminium door system is based on aluminium profiles with a depth of 77 mm. The filling consists of core panels filled with insulating polyurethane foam.

The core panels are mounted inside the leaf – creating visible contours of the frame profile, the leaf and the panel.



SOLANO 86 doors also offer excellent thermal insulation parameters with Uw 0.79 W/m2K and higher, which makes them suitable for energy-efficient or passive developments.


The doors with core panels can serve the household members for many years. Their advantage consists also in the possibility of panel replacement in the event of home renovation or damage  without the need to purchase new doors.

Investors love this model also for its affordable price, suited to any budget.

Single-family house entry door and security issues (Option)

Security is one of the most important factors taken into account when choosing the entrance door to a single-family home. Our products are equipped with components ensuring the highest class of security (even those with glazing). Safety is mainly ensured by:

Anti-burglary bolts

  • complement robust door structure
  • effectively prevent forced unhinging of the leaf from the frame

Roller hinges

  • durable and elegant
  • standard equipment for Solano doors
  • CE hinge grade 14

Concealed hinges

  • completely invisible when the door is closed
  • high level of security

Automatic lock

  • automatic locking of the door after closing without using a key
  • high security standard C
  • used as standard in the doors of SOLANO collection

Concealed closer

  • adaptable to individual preferences
  • discreet and comfortable

Ratchet with day/night mode

  • enables door operation without using a key during the day
  • locking providing security at night

Fingerprint reader

  • option of connection to the reader via a Bluetooth network through the application on your smartphone
  • fast, convenient and ultra-modern home access for the whole family

Code keyboard

  • option of connection to the reader via a Bluetooth network through the application on your smartphone
  • reliable and convenient home access control

Anti-burglary insert

  • equipped with an identification card with a key cutting code
  • resistant to attempts of electronic and mechanical manipulation

Digital peephole viewer

  • solution for the elderly and families with children
  • significantly improves the quality of the view behind the door

Anti-burglary glazing

  • increased glass strength confirmed in specialized laboratories

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