External venetian blinds

Exterior (facade) blinds are gaining popularity on the European market. This modern element adds the lightness to the building’s structure. Facade blinds are mounted outside and dedicated to buildings with a large window area or glass facades.

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Functionality and comfort

In energy-saving and passive buildings, large glazing is installed on the south side and thus exposed to excessive insolation. Blinds protect against unbearable sunlight as well as give a sense of privacy.

It is worth noting that blinds provide effective thermal protection and support the operation of air conditioning systems. A thermal barrier, i.e. a mass of air that slows the heat exchange, is created between the slats’ surface and the glass and at 35 °C outside, you can lower the temperature inside the building by up to 10 °C.


Main advantages of the solution:

– Lightweight and simple aluminium construction
– Protection and temperature adjustment
– High class of varnish coatings
– Smooth blind control

Light and simple aluminium construction

Guide rails, slats and bottom rail are made of weather-resistant aluminium and are additionally protected with high-quality varnish. The weight of the blinds is on average 2-3 kg per m² and does not constitute a significant load on the building’s structure.

Noise protection and weather resistance

External Venetian blinds effectively reduce the noise level, and have additional stabilizers in the form of lateral guide rails.

High class of varnish coatings

The slats of blinds are covered with high quality varnish resistant to weather conditions and are available in selected colours from the RAL palette.

Types of external venetian blinds

Slats are a key element of the product. The slats are aluminium tiles in the shape of the letter C or Z. Their width depends on the their type.

They are available in two widths:

C80 C-shaped slat, 80 mm wide (180° rotation)
Z90 Z-shaped slat, 90 mm wide

Blinds allow you to freely adjust the access of light and heat to the interior. You can pull them up and down and change the angle of the slats. The upper part of the blinds is often concealed in the facade or covered by specially selected masking guard. It is possible to match a colour of a lateral guide cover and a masking guard from the RAL palette.

Smooth control

Opening and closing within the range of 90° and 180° enables to set an angle of light penetration according to expectations.


Electrical control by means of an electric motor

The electric motor is normally placed in the middle of the head rail. The same head rail is used for all types of external blinds. The blinds control systems can be combined. This is economically advantageous because one drive is able to control two or more blinds. The blinds are equipped with wire or radio controlled electric drives manufactured by the industry’s leading companies – SOMFY and ELERO.

Weather Automation

External venetian blinds can cooperate with the weather automation system.

A wide range of wind and solar sensors allows you to fully automate the operation of the blind, dynamically adjusting the access of light to the room and protecting it from damage during gusty winds.



The selection of colours and decors allows you to add an individual style and character to your investment.

Modern minimalism
Following current trends, we introduce plain white and off-white shades, and elegant greys: from light grey to anthracite.

Bold colours
We implement all creative ideas of our clients.

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