January 31, 2023

The Latest Trends in the Construction Industry in 2023

Construction and interior design are domains that are becoming inextricably linked. Now only few people treat the construction of a new house or apartment solely as a functional challenge. Practical and comfortable room layout is now equally important as making the interior visually attractive. Are you investing in a new apartment this year? Are you wondering what current top trends in the construction industry are? Functional minimalism, ecology and advanced technology. This is how the latest 2023 trends in the construction industry can be briefly described.

1. Minimalist house designs

We will start the review of trends in the construction industry for 2023 by checking which house designs are the most popular this year.

Minimalist houses dominate among new construction developments. This applies to both the external shape and the interior layout. Bay windows or dormers so popular a few years ago give way to simplified geometric forms.

What makes Poles choose minimalist houses more and more often? On the one hand, it is the matter of fashion and the growing popularity of minimalist style. On the other hand, the popularity of this trend also has a purely practical background. The lack of fancy decorative elements and the simple shape of the building can often lead to significant savings during the construction. A very large increase in the prices of building materials has diverted investors’ focus on one-story buildings with a relatively small area.

Of course, minimalism in the construction business does not mean compromising quality. On the contrary, a modern minimalist house is often equipped with modern and technologically advanced solutions. We will focus on them further on.

What distinguishes interiors in minimalist houses? Large open spaces and the reduction of partition walls to the absolute minimum are the qualities that distinguish this style. Designs of minimalist houses also often involve large glazing assuring smooth connection of the interior with the terrace or home garden. Glazing also helps to illuminate the house during the day and reduces the costs of artificial lighting. This, in turn, fits perfectly into the latest trends related to ecology in the construction industry.

2. Aesthetic finish

As we have already mentioned above, minimalism does not mean compromising quality. This also applies to interior aesthetics. What distinguishes projects inspired by the minimalist style?

  • Aesthetic finish of a minimalist interior can be obtained thanks to a consistent and limited color palette. In your apartment inspired by this trend, go for universal and bright colors, e.g. white and grey. Add to this a few stronger accents in black or copper. Elements in natural wood patterns also perfectly fit into minimalist interiors.
  • The coherent look can also be obtained thanks to our joinery. We offer sets of door and window joinery in the same colors. This means, you can order windows, external doors and garage doors that match each other in terms of color and design. You can find many colours and patterns in over 200 shades from the RAL chart and dozens of veneers that perfectly match the aesthetics of minimalist interiors.
  • Modern minimalism focuses on natural, ecological and timeless materials such as natural wood, stone, steel and glass. They perfectly go with ecological trends that are extremely popular in 2023.
  • Light and space are characteristic for virtually all modern, minimalist trends. Hence the great popularity of open spaces and large glazing.

3. Smart Homes

The year 2023 in the construction industry will also bring a further growth of the popularity of solutions often referred to as smart home. According to estimates, as much as every third house currently under construction is equipped with them.

The rapid development of smart home automation gives you a very large range of possibilities. Smart home systems can manage many aspects of everyday life, from optimization of heating and cooling systems, through automatic control of blinds or windows, to lawn irrigation adapted to current weather conditions.

Advanced smart home systems are still relatively expensive. Nevertheless, it is worth considering them when planning an investment in a new property in 2023. Some applications of smart home automation translate not only into the everyday comfort of life, but in many cases they also help save money.

You can also find smart home solutions in our offer. We focus primarily on practical solutions and applications of smart home systems that bring measurable benefits to users. Below you can find some ideas for your smart home included in our offer.

One of the most popular smart home solutions that you can implement with us are garage doors controlled by smartphone. The myKrispol application – available for iOS and Android phones – was created with our customers in mind. This application can become your door and window joinery control centre. Some basic functions of our smart home application are as follows:

  • possibility of its integration with a voice assistant,
  • remote opening of the garage door,
  • pretending to be at home during holidays,
  • the possibility of connecting windows and terrace doors to the application.

In our offer you can also find a solution called STARCUS Connector. This is a device with small dimensions that allows you to control roller shutters and blinds via your smartphone. You can set any schedules and scenarios for raising and lowering the roller shutters. Thanks to this solution, you can make the most of light and solar energy and increase the safety and security of your home.

4. Open spaces in interiors

One of the characteristic elements of modern constructions are open space interiors. This concept grew in popularity in office spaces. Now open spaces become more and more often in apartments and single-family houses.

What distinguishes them? Open spaces are spaces where the use of partition walls and traditional division into separate, closed rooms has been limited to the minimum. Large terrace windows and glazing is also a characteristic element of open spaces. A large terrace window may enhance the visual effect of open spaces. This way of interior layout becomes more and more popular, especially in modern one-story houses.

What are the advantages of an open space in a house?

  • Limited number of partition walls allow optimal use of space in the apartment.
  • An open-plan house allows light to flow freely. This helps the interior to look brighter and bigger.
  • The open space interior gives a lot of freedom in terms of its arrangement and allows to adjust the space to individual needs.
  • An apartment with an open space gives you the opportunity to creatively combine various functions in one room, e.g. eating, working, relaxing.

5. Energy efficient houses

The current economic situation and a large increase in energy prices over 2022 mean that energy-efficient and low-energy houses have currently become trendy in construction. In just a few years, design of energy-saving houses stopped to be perceived only as an innovative curiosity and evolved to a commonly used standard.

What is a low-energy house? The simplest definition says that it is a house with low heat demand. In the case of a standard residential building erected in accordance with applicable standards, the demand for heat ranges from 90 to 120 kWh/m2/year. For energy-saving or low-energy houses, this value is from 30 to 60 kWh/m2/year.

How to obtain such parameters? On the one hand, a number of technologies for obtaining cheap energy from renewable sources are used. These include solar collectors, heat pumps or ground heat exchangers used to obtain thermal energy.

Appropriate thermal insulation is also an equally important element of energy-efficient houses. But what to do if you get cheap energy to heat your home but the generated heat escapes through poor quality windows or poorly insulated walls?

At Krispol, we are well aware of the importance of energy-efficient home improvements. We offer windows, garage doors and external doors with one of the highest thermal parameters on the market. For example, the heat transfer coefficient of our windows can reach as low value as 0.76 [W/m2K]. These parameters meet the conditions for energy-efficient and passive houses. In our catalogue , you can also find warm garage doors. The technological innovation used in this model translates into a heat transfer coefficient for the entire door at the level of U=0.9 [W/m²K] (in the case of a door with dimensions of 5000×2500 mm).

6. Modern garages

On the occasion of mentioning garage doors, we cannot ignore the function of this space in the modern construction industry. In many cases, modern garages are not only closed parking spaces. Modernization of the garage often involves adapting it for a utility room or a hobbyist workshop. An essential element of such arrangements are modern garage doors in order to obtain appropriate thermal comfort there.

The ideal solution to do it are the above-mentioned Krispol warm garage doors. A modern garage door is also a guarantee of increasing the energy efficiency class of the house and translated into measurable savings on heating. You can find out more about our garage doors at:

7. What technologies and materials will prevail in the construction industry in 2023?

The popular trends in 2023 also include some new construction technologies, that involve using primarily sustainable building materials. The recently published Green Building Materials Global Market Report 2022 informs that the value of the green materials market is growing at a rate of about 5% per year. Recycled materials and other sustainable solutions are increasingly being used in construction.

Modern construction technologies are also more and more often associated with prefabricated buildings. Modular and prefabricated houses are becoming more and more popular in our country. Prefabricated construction materials allow for a significant reduction of the duration of works. The most modern solutions in this field allow to erect a single-family house even in just a few weeks.

What is more important – trends or the quality of materials used to build a house?

Trends and fashion, or the quality of materials? What to take a chance on? The answer to this question does not have to be boolean. The quality of construction materials is one of the basic conditions for creating functional and durable interiors for years. Insulation materials used in the construction of the house, joinery, roof construction, etc. play a huge role here, too.

However, the highest quality materials do not exclude the creation of a fashionable and visually attractive interior. The multitude of solutions available on the market means that there will be no problem with this. A good example is the joinery from our offer. Our priority is the optimal technical parameters and durability of our windows, doors and garage doors. However, we also do not forget about the aesthetics of our products and the possibility of their visual adjustment to specific arrangements.